Wyoming Laws Governing Inheritance Loans and Probate Advances

The probate procedure ensures the last will and testament of a person who died is honored as their assets are distributed. Every state makes its own laws about probate and how it will work. These statutes impact how long probate may be filed and what documents are needed as well as what property must go through probate. It is important to know these rules if you have an estate to be probated. 

What are Wyoming Probate Laws?

Probate laws in Wyoming are fairly simple compared to some other states. However, this is a complex process that can take a long time to complete. In certain situations, it may be possible to avoid probate or to go through a simplified process. If you are the executor of a Wyoming estate, you may want to get the advice of an experienced probate attorney who is familiar with the laws of the state. They will know the current statutes and ensure that the process is followed correctly. A Wyoming inheritance attorney will work to guard the interests of the benefactors and ensure all documentation is completed and filed on time. They will inform you of any deadlines for filing or for other steps. 

What is the Wyoming Probate Process?

The process of probate in Wyoming is similar to other states, but there are slight differences. It is important to understand all the steps and to follow them as directed in the statutes to prevent delays or other issues with the estate. 

These steps can take up to a year, but Wyoming law requires it to be completed within one year unless there is a valid reason for the delay. The personal representative acts on behalf of the estate, but they aren’t the owners of the assets and can only do the tasks as assigned by the court. Until probate is released, the court controls the estate. 

What Property Must be Part of Wyoming Probate?

All property does not have to go through probate in Wyoming. If you plan ahead, you can avoid going through probate at all with an estate. A living trust will allow the estate to transfer ownership to the beneficiary without the need of being probated. Assets such as bank accounts, work or personal retirement accounts or life insurance policies may have a beneficiary listed as payable upon death. These accounts do not need to be probated before they can be released. Real property that is jointly owned may also qualify to skip probate. Wyoming allows estates with property worth less than $200,000 could use an alternative summary procedure to transfer ownership. 

How Can You Stay Out of Wyoming Probate?

It is possible to skip probate in Wyoming with a little forethought and planning. Probate can be quite costly with filing fees, attorney fees, costs of selling the property and many other expenses. If the estate cannot pay the fees, assets may need to be sold. Probate can also be a lengthy process which can take months or even years, especially if it is being disputed by a family member or other claimant. A living trust removes these problems and delays and eliminates the expenses of probate. 

How Can You Receive Wyoming Inheritance Funds Immediately?

You will find options for accessing Wyoming inheritance funds right away instead of waiting until probate is completed. In fact, it may be possible to receive the money right away in less than a week. A probate cash advance is a simple process, and your information is secured. You have no limits or restrictions on how to use the money. ProbateAdvance offers you the choice of receiving your money now from the inheritance instead of waiting until the estate has been probated. There are no surprise fees or charges, no interest, and no payments. You do not need to have an exceptional credit history, and you don’t need to wait for years to get your inheritance. You may receive it in just a few days. 

How Can You Find Out If You Qualify for an Inheritance Cash Advance?

It is quite easy to determine if you qualify to get cash with an advance on your inheritance. You may qualify if you are part of the benefactors to an estate in probate. You may receive your money in just 48 hours. The funds may be used to pay bills, take a vacation or remodel your home. This is your money, and you don’t have to wait to get it. You can have access in less than three days. 

What Do You Need for a Wyoming Probate Advance?

You will need to provide basic information to receive a Wyoming probate advance. You must include documents that show you are an heir. You will also select how much of your future inheritance you want to get now. They may be put into your bank account in just two days. 

Which Parts of Wyoming Allow You to Apply for an Inheritance Loan?

We provide loans on estates and inheritances in all of Wyoming, including the following large cities: 

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