Hawaii Loans on Inherited Estates and Laws on Getting Probate Advances

When you receive notice that you are part of the processing of a loved one’s estate that is included in probate, you might be wondering how soon you will be able to access your inheritance. The truth is, the process of probate can be quite long when all goes smooth, and if the will is being contested, the whole process can be significantly longer. Fortunately, some heirs and beneficiaries will be able to get access to their inheritance funds far sooner than waiting for probate to end. In fact, some may qualify to get their inheritance funds in as little as days.

What are Hawaii Probate Laws?

Hawaii probate laws are the legal rules that guide how property and belongings are passed from the deceased to their heirs and beneficiaries. These laws protect the decedent, those who will receive an inheritance, as well as creditors whom the decedent owed a debt and ensures the estate is divided and passed out in the manner laid out in the will by the deceased. An attorney can help you with estate planning so that when you die, your belongings and property transfer to the heirs and beneficiaries you want, in the manner you want. If you have been assigned as the personal representative or executor of the estate going through probate, a lawyer who focuses on wills and estates can help you navigate through the complexities of the probate process, and ensure you complete all required forms properly and within all established deadlines.

What is the Hawaii Probate Process?

Probate in Hawaii is not much different from the process established in other states.

What Property Will Have to Be Included in the Probate Process in Hawaii?

What property will need to be included with probate in Hawaii will depend on if and how the estate was planned. Typically, a property that is only in the name of the deceased will go through probate, but property that was held in joint ownership should automatically pass to the other owners. Likewise, property and assets that have a named beneficiary won’t have to go through probate, nor will assets held in a living trust. For instance, real estate and personal property like vehicles can transfer upon death to other listed owners. Bank accounts, life insurance policies, and retirement accounts can automatically transfer to designated beneficiaries. An experienced attorney can help you figure out how to plan your estate so that the bulk of your estate passes automatically to beneficiaries and heirs without incurring an increased tax burden.

How Can You Keep an Estate Out of Probate in Hawaii?

You can avoid probate in Hawaii by working with an attorney well-versed in estate planning. Doing so can reduce taxes, fees, and expenses that can sometimes go with probate. A planned estate can also allow your heirs to receive their share of your estate much faster. If you set up a living trust, those assets that are included can be listed for specific heirs while you are living. You continue to have control over all assets in the trust until you aren’t able or until you die. If you are the beneficiary or heir to an estate, there’s probably nothing you can do to prevent the estate from going through probate if it legally should. But there is a way that you may be able to get your inheritance funds before probate concludes. In fact, you may qualify to get your funds in 48 hours or less.

How Can You Get Hawaii Inheritance Funds Quickly?

You can get immediate access to your inheritance funds in Hawaii through a probate cash advance. Heirs and beneficiaries who qualify for early access may be able to get their inheritance in two days or less. With Probate Advance, you aren’t obligated to wait for what your benefactor left to you; you can get your funds in days, not months or years. By just answering a few questions, you can find out of you qualify for probate advance.

What Must You Do to Qualify for a Hawaii Inheritance Cash Advance?

To learn if you eligible for a Hawaii estate cash advance, just fill out the form or call us. We only need some basic information to determine if you are eligible and then we can issue your money. It’s as easy as that. Most heirs or beneficiaries who will have an inheritance of at least $12,000 will qualify for early access and be able to have their money deposited in their accounts in two days or less. And the best part of it all is that your probate advance is not a loan, so there is no hidden fees, no interest, no payment plans, and your credit doesn’t matter.

How Do You Get a Probate Advance in Hawaii?

All that is required to get an advance is to give us some information that allows us to confirm your status as a beneficiary of an estate in probate. Once confirmed, we can issue your check or deposit. To get started, just fill out the form or call us. We will confirm your eligibility and issue your money. It really is that simple to get your inheritance advance in 48 hours or less.

What Portions of Hawaii May Apply for an Inheritance Loan?

We can approve inheritance loans all around Hawaii, including the following major communities:

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