Law for Probate Advances in Alaska and Loans for Heirs

If you have a probate case in Alaska, there is some specific information you should know. First, the probate laws in every state can vary greatly. What works in one state may not work in another, and deadlines and time restrictions must be followed for the probate process to be completed. At its very basic, probate is the legal way of making sure a deceased person’s wishes are legally carried out and that their final debts and taxes are paid. You only have so long to start the process, but there is no specific end date.

What Are Alaska Probate Laws?

Alaska probate laws include an informal process when there are no questions regarding the validity of the will or heirship, and the formal process which is used when there are conflicts, or when questions arise that require a judge to oversee the process. Even when involved with an informal probate case, you may need the assistance of an experienced Alaska probate attorney who knows and understands the complexities of the laws and can help you protect the interests of the deceased as well as the estate and its beneficiaries. The attorney will be able to ensure you file the proper documents on time and with all required information and signatures.

What is the Alaska Probate Process?

The process for probate in Alaska is similar to some other states and involves a few core steps to which you must adhere:
  • An executor is assigned to manage the estate as it goes through the probate process. Typically, the executor of an estate is named in the will, but if it doesn’t name someone, or if there is no will, the probate court will appoint one. An executor is appointed to manage the estate, the will, and fulfill probate requirements.
  • The validity of the final will and testament of the deceased is proven to the court.
  • The deceased’s assets are identified and inventoried, and a list is given to the court.
  • The estate is appraised for its total current value.
  • The estate pays the final taxes of the deceased as well as any remaining debts.
  • Whatever remains of the estate are distributed to its heirs according to the directions in the will. If there is no knowledge of a will, the probate court will distribute the estate and probate is completed.
There are several things you should be aware of including that the costs of probate will come out of the estate, but if there is not enough money to pay them, the executor of the will or its heirs will have to pay them before probate can be settled. During probate, none of an estate may be sold, used, or distributed until the probate process is finished, nor does the executor control the assets.

What Property Will Be Required to Go Through Alaska Probate?

Not all property will have to go through the probate process in Alaska, and if you have an attorney help you plan your estate and create a living trust, you can keep most of your assets out of probate. Bank accounts and insurance policies that are payable upon death will not have to be probated, and when rights of survivorship are assigned to jointly held properties like homes and other real estates, they too can bypass probate. Some states even allow certain assets and property to pass to a spouse simply.

Tips on Avoiding Probate in Alaska

The easiest way to avoid probate in Alaska is through estate planning. The probate process can take a long time to complete. In some cases, the process may complete in as little as a few months, but in other cases such as when the will or its provisions are contested, the process may take years. You can set up a living trust to keep the estate out of probate. With a living trust, you can assign benefits to your heirs before your death, and those assets are transferred when you die.

How Can You Acquire Alaska Inheritance Funds Immediately?

There is only one quick and easy way to access Alaska inheritance funds immediately or in just a couple of days. Not all beneficiaries will qualify, but those that do can have their inheritance money in as little as 48 hours. An inheritance advance is a great option because it is very easy to apply, all your personal information is secure, and you can spend the money however and on whatever you prefer. With Probate Advance, you have the option of getting your inheritance money now instead of having to wait through the lengthy probate process. There are no hidden fees, no interest, no loans, and no payments and there is no credit check. Probate Advance allows you to get your inheritance money now instead of having to wait months or years.

How to Know If You Qualify for an Cash Advance as an Heir?

To know if you are eligible for a cash advance all you have to do is fill out the form. Anyone who is a beneficiary or heir to an estate may qualify as long as they will inherit at least $12,000. Whether you need a new vehicle, a vacation, or to make updates to your home, you can get your money in as little as 48-hours and do whatever you want with it. Why wait for the money your loved one choose for you to have? You shouldn’t have to wait for months or years, and now you don’t have to. You can access your money in just a few days.

What is Required for a Probate Advance in Alaska?

To get an advance on probated property in Alaska, there are a few things you need to do. First, fill out the form with basic information so we can confirm that you are an heir or beneficiary. Then, think about how much of what you will receive as an heir you need now. Finally, wait for as little as 48-hours for the funds to be deposited in your bank. It’s that simple.

What Regions of Alaska are Applicable for an Inheritance Loan?

Inheritance loans are offered in all cities and counties in Alaska including (but not restricted to):
  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Juneau
  • Wasilla
  • Sitka
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